wellness coaching through pregnancy and beyond.


So you’re ready to get pregnant, but where do you start? Let’s cut through all the confusing information out there and talk about how to noursih your body for easier conception and pregnancy.


There are tons of books (and opinions) out there on how to navigate pregnancy. We’ll look at your unique physiology and determine what the best foods, exercise and stress management techniques are to help you through these very special nine months. I’ll also share my recommendations for birth and postpartum support.


The fourth trimester is often overlooked in the flurry of pregnancy and birth planning. So many questions arise from your own body healing to breastfeeding, infant sleep, postpartum depression and beyond. Together we’ll set up your support plan for the weeks and months after baby arrives and get all of your questions answewed so you can relax and enjoy time with your new bundle of love.

What is the secret to a ninety-minute labor?

Believe it or not, my total labor was about ninety minutes, with a total of six minutes of pushing. While I cannot guarantee the same for you I can say that the education and preparation I put into my pregnancy definitely played a part.

I read over thirty books on the subject, attended courses and refined my existing practice.

I worked on nutrition, pelvic floor health and reducing stress while improving my general fitness.

I can promise you that your experience through pregnancy and beyond will be greatly improved by taking advantage of my education and experience.


Welcome to Motherhood


The journey of motherhood starts the moment you decide you’d like to be pregnant. While there can be lots of twists and turns along the way, with the right support and resources you can enjoy the ride as you await the arrival of our baby. As a momma myself, I’m here for you every step of the way. Welcome to the tribe!


About Emily

Nutritionist, Trainer, Momma

Hi there, I’m Emily.

I’ve struggled with my weight since childhood, and I’ve tried every diet and way of eating under the sun! I’ve lost over 100lbs, experimented with many diets including veganism, and have competed as a high-level athlete. Then my life took on a whole new meaning when I became pregnant with my daughter. Suddenly my choices were no longer about me or my aesthetic goals, but instead centered around being my best, healthiest self for my growing girl.

My job is to help women navigate through the confusing world of nutrition and fitness and pinpoint the information that is relevant and useful to them. Whether your goal is to balance your hormones to get pregnant, get stronger, or just feel BETTER, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way. I view each client as an individual with unique needs, and I’m here to truly listen and help troubleshoot your challenges, as well as celebrate your successes.

So, lets get started!



  • Girls Gone Strong Pre and Postnatal Certified
  • Pelvic Floor Specialist
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Huntington University Nutrition Degree
  • Precision Nutrition Level One and Two Certified
  • Z-Health Neuro Training: R-Phase, I-Phase and 9S: Structure
  • Yoga Tune Up Roll Model Method Certified
  • StrongFirst Bodyweight Exercise Workshop

“Emily is a kind, personal, and compassionate trainer. I’ve been with her over 1.5 years. Even now, my friends, and family KEEP remarking on my changes (after losing 50 pounds, 20 with Emily) because they can see the progress I’ve made in my life: both physical and mental.”

Sabrina A.

“Emily is a fantastic coach with a gentle yet persuasive style. Very knowledgeable and no-nonsense. She puts things in perspective and will guide you, one small improvement at a time, towards a healthier diet. She is a great athlete and will look at the whole you (diet, exercise, lifestyle).”

Margot G.

Stanford University Professor


Recommended Reading for the Third Trimester

The third trimester for many women is the most exciting. You’ve made it to the final few months, and the arrival of your little one is just around the corner. While the first and second trimester lists of recommended reading focused mostly on the topics of pregnancy...

Top Reads for the Second Trimester

The second trimester, for most women, brings a wave of relief. Many of the unpleasant symptoms (fatigue, nausea, vomiting, etc.) that occur in the early weeks start to subside. There’s also a greater sense of confidence and calm as baby’s movements can now be felt and...

Must-Read Books for the First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy can be challenging for many women. In addition to the physical discomforts (nausea, vomiting, fatigue) many women are overwhelmed and even paralyzed by all of the competing information out there on the best ways to navigate pregnancy....

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do you offer meal plans?

Typically we begin with building better habits and assessing what foods work best for your body. In this process many people discover that a ridgid meal plan would not work for them, which avoids wasted time and frustration. If we find that you do respond well to a structured meal plan that is something we can arrange.

Will I have to follow a restrictive diet?

No. I do not recommend restrictve diets or dramatic calorie reductions. While these tactics may work in the short term they are not sustainable, which is why so many people end up regaining the weight they have lost. We want to develop a sustainable long-term strategy that works for your lifestyle.

Do you offer discounts?

While I have discounts for service packages I do not offer any kind of student discounts etc.

Do you only work with clients in palo alto?

No, I work with clients remotely all over the world both for nutrition and training.

What if I have a health problem or injury?

I work with clients who have health problems, injuries or mobility restrictions. As long as we get clearance from your physician there is a lot that can be done with food and exercise to improve a variety of conditions.

Do you take insurance?

Because I am not a healthcare professional my services are not covered by insurance.