Winter can be tough on skin, especially the face. In addition to taking inventory of the products we’re putting on our skin, it’s also important to assess the overall hydration levels of our tissues. Beautiful, hydrated skin starts on the inside!

Drink Lots of Water

It can be challenging to stay hydrated in the winter when we aren’t getting the same obvious thirst signals we get in the summer. If it’s challenging to drink cold water, try having room temperature water, warm water or tea. Tracking water intake can be useful if you’re not sure how much you’re drinking each day.

Use the Right Products

Skincare products with fragrance or harsh ingredients can dry out the skin quickly. Opt for products with minimal, safe ingredients. Beautycounter’s Adaptive Moisture Lotion actually adjusts hydration levels throughout the day and can keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours!

Get a Humidifier

Dry air can pull hydration away from your skin. Humidifiers are not only great for keeping dry skin at bay, they also ease cold and respiratory symptoms.

Limit Hot Showers

A long, hot shower may feel great in the winter, but the longer the shower, the drier your skin may get. Try to limit hot showers to 5-10 minutes in the winter. Washing your face in the shower can also cause the skin to dry out, and even burn the sensitive skin of the face if the water is too hot.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the body, including the skin (which is the largest organ of your body). Alcohol can also pull vital nutrients away from the skin. Heavy drinking over time can cause visible changes to the skin, including wrinkling from chronic dehydration.

Upgrade Your Lotion

A good body lotion can be hard to find. Look for labels with minimal ingredients and avoid products with harsh chemicals and fragrances. Beautycounter’s Hydrating Body Lotion is lightweight and has shea and jojoba butters for extra hydration. Pay extra attention to areas that are often neglected, like elbows, knees and feet.