The third trimester for many women is the most exciting. You’ve made it to the final few months, and the arrival of your little one is just around the corner. While the first and second trimester lists of recommended reading focused mostly on the topics of pregnancy and childbirth, the third trimester is a time to prepare for what happens after baby arrives. The resources below will prepare you for the first few months of baby’s life, as well as the first few months of the fourth trimester and your own postnatal care.

Cribsheet: You may remember Emily Oster’s book Expecting Better from the first trimester reading list. She’s back with her follow-up book Cribsheet, which reviews all of the advice typically given during baby’s early years of life. Just like her first book, Oster details the research behind the most common hot topics of early infancy, including sleep training, vaccines, feeding, potty training and more. She’ll lay out the facts so that you as the parent can make your own informed choices. This book is one a few that provides facts without bias, making it a top-read among new parents.

What to Expect the First Year: This is gold standard in what to expect the first year (from the same authors that wrote What to Expect When You’re Expecting). While some of the information provided has been debated, this is a great resource for new parents who would like to know what to expect at every month in the first year of life. It also has a great section on infant safety and illness. While it’s important to remember that every child is different, this is a great book to have around when questions arise.

The First 40 Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother: Part postpartum guide, part beautiful cookbook, author Heng Ou reviews the most impactful decisions around food that a new mother can make. In addition to the most healing recipes for a smooth recovery, the author also shares her own postpartum story and the importance of self-care in this pivotal time. If cooking your own nourishing foods post-birth seems overwhelming, plan to make them ahead of time and freeze, or share this book with a doula or family and friends willing to cook for you after the baby arrives.

Nourished Beginnings Baby Food: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Infants, Toddlers and Beyond Inspired by Ancient Wisdom and Traditional Foods: If you’re interested in preparing your own baby food, this is the cookbook for you! The best thing about these recipes is that many of them are suitable for the whole family! Many of these recipes are great for developing a baby’s palette early on, which can prevent picky eating in the toddler years. Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, there are recipes for you. Beginners can tackle the single-food purees, and more adventurous cooks will appreciate the variety of multi-ingredient recipes. Written by Renee Kohley.